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Unveiling Gradey – Your Partner in Educational Success

Introducing Gradey, your intelligent aide in your child's academic journey. Going beyond simple grade tracking, our app equips you with proactive tools to understand, monitor, and guide your child's educational progress. Discover the key features that make Gradey unique:

AI-Powered Insights: Gradey goes beyond typical grade tracking, transforming raw data into meaningful insights and personal guidance on your child's academic performance using advanced AI.

Chat with Gradey: With Gradey, you can ask a simple question like "What did Ava score on her math test last week?" and get immediate answers. It's a breeze to stay informed with our text-based interface.

Customizable Notifications: Set your preferences and get notified about what matters most to you. Gradey's notifications come instantly as text messages, enabling you to easily stay abreast of your children's academic performance and attendance.

Progress Over Time: Track your child's academic journey over time with Gradey's grade history feature, identifying areas that may need extra attention and support.

One App, Multiple Kids: Gradey allows you to manage all your children's academic tracking from one centralized place, saving you time and effort.

Secure and Reliable: Gradey's stringent security measures ensure your child's data is protected and accessible only to authorized users.

Experience Gradey, the educational ally that's more than just a grade tracking app. With AI-powered insights, customizable notifications, and seamless text interactions, it's never been easier for parents to stay actively involved in their children's academic success.

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