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Stay Involved, Boost Their Success!

When parents stay connected and involved, children thrive in school. At Gradey, we're here to help you do just that. Our AI-powered app empowers you to monitor your child's academic journey in real-time, so you can provide the support they need to excel.

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Gradey supercharges your school's parent portal

Powered by AI insights, Gradey provides up-to-date access to your children's grades and assignments, helping you stay informed and proactive in your child's academic journey.


How Gradey works for you


Gradey monitors your child's academic progress for you.

Gradey will connect to your school's existing parent portal,

checking for new grades throughout the day. You're busy, let Gradey take care of monitoring the parent portal for you.


Gradey provides instant access to grades.
Just ask Gradey.

"What did Dylan get on his math test last week?“

Sending a message as simple as this to Gradey will instantly get you the information you need. No need to remember menus or commands.


Gradey will notify you of the latest grades, without the need to ask!

You can choose your notifications.

Gradey will send you messages with only the information you asked for, as soon as it has been updated to your Parent Portal.

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When parents become involved, children do better in school.

Access your child's grades, attendance and homework assignments instantly with a simple chat. Just ask Gradey!

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Real life stories

Take it from the people who know best: the parents who rely on Gradey to help their children reach their full potential.


Jen K.

"Being able to simply send a text message to keep up with grades is absolutely genius"


Lisa W.

"Omg, I love it!"


Melissa T.

“It's pretty unbelievable to simply send a text and ask about missed assignments, then have them instantly appear.  Gradey changes everything!”

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Let's get started!

While Gradey will be $49.95 per year, we're excited to have you on board as one of our pilot users... for free!

Help your child achieve their full potential.

As an indication of our appreciation for your early support and feedback, your first year of use will be completely free. This offer is our way of saying thank you for being an integral part of Gradey's development as we strive to help your child achieve their full potential.

Studies have shown that the more parents are involved in their children's schooling, the better those children perform in school. The first step to being more involved is always having the information you need right at your fingertips.

Being able to encourage and support your child because you are always up to date on their grades can make a huge difference in their academic success. Help your child achieve their full potential.

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